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    337RLS First Trip

    WOW we love the 5th Wheel! The problems we encountered were really nothing compared to the overall experience.
    Had a few issues but we are getting those fixed today. Issue 1. Outlets on bottom of dinette slide-out don't work. 2. Handle going up stairs the screws are stripped. 3. Screws on Trim on top of the Stairs seem to poke out and could cut your foot. 4. Window curtain attachment in the slide out sticks out so when you make the bed you could cut your finger on the tab.
    We did have a little issue with the AC but we went to South Florida on the hottest days of the year so I will not complain about that since Hot is Hot...There is only so much a single AC unit can do but the RV was cooling. (The inside of the cupboards were even hot). Can't wait til our next trip! Great RV!

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    They are amazing rigs aren't they? That's a pretty short list for such a complex vehicle, and many of them are similar to what others have encountered. The only one I'd be even a little concerned about would be the electrical problem. That might take a little while to track down to it's source.

    As for the sharp screws at the top of the threshold, I replaced the screws and that's no longer a problem.

    We only have a single AC in our 337 also. When we were in New Orleans and Houston last month, we maximized our AC during the day by closing the vents and the doors for the bathroom and bedroom. We also kept the curtains closed. This allowed the AC to keep the temp in the living room more palatable. We also keep a small fan on the counter to keep air moving. When it got dark, we'd open the vents in the bedroom so it was cool when we went to bed.

    Happy trails!


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    Update Outlets were fixed no problem, Handle going up the stairs fixed, Screws on top of the trim could not be fixed by the dealer Grand Design would not cover that, strange since if someone cuts there foot I could see a lawsuit in Grand Designs furture. Window curtains we took the bottom tabs off it was easier than some elaborate redesign since you cant see the places where you would hit the tabs with your hand. One thing I forgot to mention was the electric potrion of the water heater wasn't working. I ran on Propane for the days I was gone. and thought I was doing something wrong. Come to find out a internal switch was turned off from the factory... Dealer fixed it for us. no complaints about the Dealer "Dixie RV" Crestveiw they fixed all they could for us in a short amount of time. I would recommend them to anyone.

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