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    Angry Furrion DV1100 and DV1200 Sleep Tight Function

    Help! We can't figure out how to turn off the blue LED lights on the Furrion Stereo Units. We have scoured the internet and owner's manuals and tried everything we could find in writing, but nothing works. We can dim them, but the Sleep Tight Function eludes us. What are we missing?

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    We were told they stay on permanently - no way to turn them off (other than the battery switch). I was worried about the drain on the batteries (jacks, etc), but was told the drain was nominal.

    We just turn the batteries off when in storage.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks, hjdj369rl. We live in ours full time so the battery disconnect is not an option. The battery draw my be minimal, but if we're boon docking for several days or the power is out, I want to be able to control every watt of electricity we use. During those times, the lights seem wasteful. Additionally, I want to turn them off in the bedroom to make it darker. It just seems strange there would be procedures in the owner's manual for turning all illumination off, but not actually have that option. I will keep searching, maybe I'll find something out and if I do, I'll share it on here. Thank you for the info!

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