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    GD & Dealer Poor Quality Control on Reflection 323BHS

    So I finally decided to do a write up on the poor QC with our trailer and highlight the issues that should have been caught before delivery. I'd like to preface this by saying despite all these issues, we still LOVE this trailer, and over all it is built very well!! These are the issues discovered since we took delivery on August 19th and after 2 trips. I also want to clarify that GD Customer Service has been very good at helping us with these issues and they have been either rectified by myself and/or a local RV repair shop or will be dealt with at the end of the season as they aren't critical.

    In no particular order:

    1) The outside front lower black plastic corner edge trim on the kitchen slide was crumpled up when we 1st viewed the trailer, like it had gotten caught on something when the slide was retracted in. The dealer repaired/replaced the plastic trim before delivery but didn't fix the actual issue as the piece had broken off again after 2 uses, due to getting caught on something when the slide is retracted. The dealer should have looked for the root cause of the trim binding before delivery.

    2) The water pump system was VERY VERY LOUD, like a jackhammer and could be heard by neighbouring campsites. Had someone at the manufacturer and the dealer actually run the pump, they would have EASILY heard it as well. I replaced the crazy loud Flojet with a Sureflo and that quieted it down, but I had to insulate the lines as well they where strapped directly to the aluminum framing butted right up against the walls in the basement, thus amplifying the pump noise.

    3) The water system when operating on the pump was sucking air badly causing air in all the faucets. This resulted in the pump never shutting off completely and thus causing the new pump to burn out. The RV repair shop I took it to found a leaking fitting at the control valve coming from the pump, this is where it was sucking air. The tech also installed a high capacity strainer before the pump that he said would help with noise. That strainer cost me almost $100 installed which I feel should have come from the factory installed. He said the original one was too small for this system.

    4) The trailer/TV wiring harness junction box under the pin box was just hanging there and being held in place only by the cable retainer. When I opened up the cover 1 single little black crew fell out. This screw would barely hold the junction box weight itself let alone having 2 cables coming out of it. I re-installed with 2 SS screws about 1/2 inch long. No worries of it falling down now. Again this should have been caught.

    5) The first time I fired up the furnace, there was a loud clanging sound at start up that went away in a couple of seconds. After a second firing up of the furnace later, the clanking was heard again and stopped after a couple of seconds, but this time the noise was a little farther towards the back of the trailer near the kitchen island. I looked in the heat register at the island and noticed that there was a round ducting punch out that was left in the ducting when the furnace was installed...REALLY??? That is just lazy crappy workmanship if you ask me.

    6) On our first trip we noticed a lot of condensation in the freezer and the food in the freezer was starting to melt. After a couple of days of frustration and almost wasting a bunch of food, I happened to notice one time when I was opening the fridge door I felt a water drop on my finger and when I felt up around the freezer handle I could also feel a slight cold draft. I fixed this by adjusting the freezer handle straight and a bit tighter when closed.

    7) This is a dealer issue, however worth mentioning that the trailer wasn't very clean on delivery. In fact it looed like it was just hosed off with a garden hose and not washed properly as there was crusted on "dirt road" mud on . I mean C'mon Lazy Acres, I paid the same for my car and when I picked it up it was spotless and detailed.

    8) Another "dealer issue" but the landing gear fuse blew twice on the way home from picking up the trailer. Once in a parking lot on the way home, and then once again once we got home (luckily I brought my toolbox which has replacement fuses in it). Discovered that it was due to low battery voltage. The dealer didn't even bother installing a fully charged battery. It hasn't happened since the battery has a full charge

    9) Caulking around the shower handle by the hot/cold taps is peeling off.

    10) TV popping sound when changing channels, I know there is a fix for this ( a filter ?? GD is sending to me) , but honestly, the trailer should not have been delivered with a TV with this problem, this just reeks of poor quality components used. I had never heard of a "Haier" before buying this trailer but C'mon GD, you couldn't find a better quality supplier?

    11) I noticed before delivery that the upper support strut brackets on the street side basement door where very very loose and almost coming off. The dealer reinforced the bracket by putting a little plate between the bracket and door to prevent the bracket flexing which is what was loosening the screws when opening and closing the door.

    12) The black cable hatch on the curb side basement storage tray is missing the little door that the cable comes through into the coach by the electrical/TV outlet. I Need GD to send me a new one. This should not have even been installed like this.

    That's about it from what I can remember off the top of my head.

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    I hope your issues get resolved. I’m just a few months from ordering my 379FL, (thats right - ordering). I am all ready planning to replace the A/V, (audio/visual) system ASAP. For what I perceive as a “higher than mid-range RV” the A/V components leave less to be desired.

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    Nice detailed post, since I have a 323 also and you have helped me out several times in the past I thought I could comment. Also I will note I love the trailer and wouldn't trade it for the world. Very happy overall.

    1) I'm not sure if you are talking about the death edge on the slide out. It is the lower outer most metal edge on the corner of the slide. On both sides ours our bent back towards the trailer. So when I got it home I thought strange, no problem I'll un-bend them and straighten them out. After I did this the family arrived home to check out the trailer. In went my wife and kids, they played for a little while and then out they came. My two year old (who wants to do everything himself) tumbled down the steps and sliced himself open (very badly) on this metal edge. Lightbulb, now I know why these were bent up. So I bent them back up. C'mon though someone should have thought this is simply a bad design.

    2) Our water pump was the opposite. It was so quiet we couldn't even tell it was on with the surrounding noise at the dealership. After general consensus and sense water was coming out when not hooked up to city water we all concluded it was working.

    3) I haven't noticed air sucking but after a few trips I will report back.

    4)They may have solved this problem mine appears to have two fairly long screws retaining it, or perhaps the deal fixed it during their inspection.

    5) Checked my vents, they all appear to be clear. I had a similar problem (about seven loose screws in the duct) in my old camper so this is good advice for those who are setting up for their first trip!

    6) I have a feeling this is endemic, ours had problems too when testing but I noticed if I shut it with force it seemed to correct itself.

    7) Ours was spotless. It looked liked they washed it that morning. I was so impressed I asked if they did cleanings and how much they charged! We bought from Beckley's Camping Center in Thurmont, MD. Not only the best price we could find but just phenomenal staff!

    8) Never checked the battery charge, but that day is gone I plugged her in as soon as I got home.

    9) Our caulking all looks good!

    10) I'm actually quite impressed with the TV, I have only watched DVD's but the picture is way better then the old Onkyo we had in the trade. Like night in day, we also don't have popping or picture issued when watching a DVD. I'll try cable and over the air and report back.

    11) Don't have this issue.

    12) We have all our hatches.

    13) I'll add one of my own. The bathroom door did not line up with the strike plate. It was way off, not even close........... I had to remove it, fill the hole and create a new hole and reinstall the plate. Someone was drinking heavily when they put the strike plate on!

    All in all though I'm a happy camper. Thanks for posting I'll look for more from you when I am online. Enjoy your fiver!

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    I couldn't stand the Haier unit so I ended up pulling it out and putting the 46" Samsung I always kept in my bedroom at home in my living room. I think the TV in the bedroom, which is like a Sansuie (Another no-name manufacturer) has a better picture quality but you can't hear it over the bedroom AC with the volume turned up to max. We have been talking about moving the soundbar from the living room to the bedroom as the speakers on my Samsung TV sound better than the soundbar anyways and this would give us the extra volume in the bedroom for when the AC is on.

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    Another issue to add to the list.
    On our final trip this past weekend, while my wife was cleaning up the under the kitchen sink, she noticed that there was water on the floor on the inside of island cabinet. I traced it down to the faucet leaking where the spray hose attaches to the base of the fixture. Sheesh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pwrplay View Post
    Another issue to add to the list.
    On our final trip this past weekend, while my wife was cleaning up the under the kitchen sink, she noticed that there was water on the floor on the inside of island cabinet. I traced it down to the faucet leaking where the spray hose attaches to the base of the fixture. Sheesh.
    I have learned to check under all sinks when I hook up my water at campsites and if I'm there for many days I always look under my sinks every so often. I realize these rigs travel down the road so things will loosen. Good luck with your repairs. GD customer service has been awesome for us when we have needed them!

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