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    Using the ramp to park our "toys"

    While on another site, a discussion came up on parking motorcycles in the toy haulers...the consensus is that the ramps are way steep, and that it is very difficult to park motorcycles in I'm afraid to even try this! We are still about 7 months out from pulling the trigger on our 380, but wondering if we should just tow the darn bikes now....
    Anyone have experience with this? how steep is the ramp on the Momentum? It would be nice if they offered a winch or a hydraulic lift as an option...

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    I just drive up the ramp shut it off and strap it down with the 2 wheel and 4 wheel.

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    I guess it really depends what you're used to trailering your bikes with. I have a 385 and also own an enclosed trailer and the toy hauler when parked on a level pad is much taller then the cargo trailer. The first few times I loaded my bike which weighs over 1000 lbs was a little intimidating. Once I even extended the front levelers a few extra inches off level to get the rear of the trailer a little lower and it made it easier but I'm not sure this method it recommended. After a few load ups and unloads it's not as bad now. You just have to have good clutch and throttle control.


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    We have a 380 and I had more of an issue with backing off than loading. Drinving up the ramp is no big deal, but when you back down and the erear wheel starts rolling onto the ground I'd get where I couldn't touch the ground with my feet. Now I back down slowly and as I get close to the end of the ramp just let it roll completely off then apply the brake. It has become second nature and no big deal anymore.
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    I have not problems with my BMW motorcycle and if you have Harleys it should even be easier, the BMW is much taller. Backing off is the challenge, I would have someone there to help steady the bike at the bottom of the ramp. I think you should be just fine.


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