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    Battery box - removing batteries

    I use two 6v batteries, which are heavy. They are contained in a vented plastic box which is screwed to the metal floor of the front compartment. They are very difficult to remove for winter storage (due to limited space and weight, dimensions, etc.). I am looking for suggestion/ideas on how to easily remove and install these. I have considered cutting one side down to about two inches from bottom and then slide the batteries left where I can get a better lift angle. Lifting these out of the box requires a lift of about a foot straight up in a confined space while I'm somewhat bent over!! Now's the time for Superman! Thanks in advance.

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    I am thinking of building me a shelf where the battery goes to same height as the front door opening on my momentum and installing rolling shelves on it so battery will roll out of compartment to retrieve batteries. I know they make rolling slides that will support batteries, just making the time to do research and figuring out how to build it is my problem now. I have seen it done before. Let us know what you do and you can make a post in the Mod section. The batteries are heavy for sure pulling out where they are located. Hootie.

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