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    Cool New Members considering becoming new owners.

    Hello Everyone!

    Michael & Janel here making our first post in this forum.

    We are looking at the Grand Design RV, particularly the 380TH as we are looking into a year or more of living/traveling in the unit.

    Although both of us have lots of camping experience we are both going to be new to the RV side of getting out.

    So we are doing a lot of research and reading and I am sure we will be asking a lot questions here.

    So far we are looking at a toy hauler for the extra space for the kids and the patio. We are raising our 2 girls Bridget (3) and Willow (10mos) and they are getting the whole garage area to play in and call their own.

    I want to carry a toy and originally was looking at the Polaris Ranger RZR 4 seater, but alas the RZR is 145" long and not going to fit in but a few toy haulers.

    We have been to many a RV dealer and as much as it seems there is an abundance of models to choose from but in reality there is only carbon copies of the same basic design. And if the sales staff don't know what they are talking about you will never know what really is the difference from one or the other. We had narrowed down to the Keystone Raptor but wanted to see more but the Raptor had our vote.....

    That is until we decided to look at yet another dealer that suggested the Jayco Seismic but also had Grand Design in a couple of models. I don't think you could go wrong with the Jayco but we just didn't find the floor plan we liked. So our salesperson showed us the Grand Design 380TH....

    The moment we walked into the 380TH Janel fell in love. Cabinet space, the real dinette, the kitchen, the shower, glass doors with screens, big windows that open... What's not to love. And I understand what is on person's favorite is another person's thorn....

    Oh and the TV across from the seating area is such a simplistic concept its like WOW someone that actually doesn't want to go to the chiropractor every week.

    Well I am already rambling, I do that alot so I apologize in advance.

    Needless to say we are VERY IMPRESSED with the Grand Design trailers and initial impression is phenomenal. I believe we are going to be joining the family soon especially after I talked with Rob Groover from Grand Design who suggested I also come here.

    My only complaint / suggestion.... skylight in the master.

    Thanks again everyone

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    Welcome to the forum Michael and Janel. You can't go wrong with Grand Design.


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    Hi and welcome. Soon as I walked into a Grand Design I felt like it was home. Didn't take long to make the decision to buy one.
    You're going to love it if you do buy.
    Marcy & Gary
    2014 Grand Design - Reflection 303RLS
    2022 GMC 3500 Denali Duramax Longbed SRW
    2015 GMC Denali 3500 - Retired
    2003 F350 - retired
    We're in trouble now, the dog are bloggin'!

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    We traded in our Road Warrior Toy Hauler for the 379FL, since we aren't hauling our toys any longer. We had the same experience you had - as soon as we walked in we knew it was "the one".....the only thing I miss about the Road Warrior was the extra 1/2 bath.

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    Welcome to the forums. We know exactly what you mean- hope to get a 380TH on order within the next couple of weeks. I don't know which version you guys looked at, but if you look at some of the other posts GD just swapped from a 2 to 3 axle design. From what we can tell both are stable and it's a marketing move, but if you really have your heart set on 2 axles now isn't a good time to wait. (I haven't hauled anything either, so I'm happy either way.) Just make sure you get (or have) a tow vehicle that can handle the load.

    Good luck!
    Ussuri Bruin (and his owners)
    2014 Ram Laramie Mega Cab 3500 DRW
    24K Pull-Rite SuperGlide Hitch
    2015 Momentum 380TH

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    Welcome to the forum and you can't go wrong with Grand Design in my opinion. We have had ours for over a year and no regrets here. You can get allot of info from this forum as there are allot of fellow GD owners with allot to say. LOL. Good Luck on your selection process.
    Johnny & Mary
    Henderson, NC 4 Now
    2014 Solitude 369RL
    2015 Silverado 3500HD Crew Cab High Country
    24K Pullrite ISR 5th Wheel Hitch with Super Rails


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    Welcome to the forums!
    There are quite a few very happy Momentum owners who are a member of this forum. I'm sure you'll get answers to all your questions so ask away.

    There are also many satisfied Grand Design owners here, you'll find that GD's customer service is #1.
    Good luck with your search
    Renee & Bill -- Central Louisiana
    2014 Solitude 305RE #404
    2007 F250

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