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Thread: Shower leaking?

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    Shower leaking?

    We have the 379FL & I've noticed a couple times now, that when my husband takes a shower, there's water That runs out of somewhere and under the bathroom wall into the dining room/kitchen area. My husband has a bad habit of placing a wash rag over the drain to create a "pool" of water at his feet. I blamed that for overflowing out of the corner of the shower and draining out, running under the wall. One corner of our shower is a little lower than the rest of the shower & water kind stands there more. Last night he claimed he didn't do the wash rag thing, but we had a little puddle of water in the kitchen/hall/dining. I can take a shower and have never had any problems. It's only happened 3 times. It's not every time we shower.

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    Leaking shower stalls is a common complaint.

    You should start by putting a small bead of clear silicone around the bottom of the glass enclosure--where it meets the shower pan. It looks best if you mask off the seam with masking tape--pulling the tape off after applying the silicone.

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    Thanks!! We'll try that! I just really don't want my walls/floors to rot on our brand new camper!

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