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    Winterization - Battery Disconnect enough?

    Sadly, camper is shut down for the season. Have my battery disconnect switch to "Off". The only thing I've noticed that works is the leveling system.
    My question is should I totally disconnect the battery? I do not have the camper hooked to shore power for the winter. I'm concerned about the battery draining over the next 4 months until next season.

    Lastly, how many of you connect to a trickle charger during the winterization period?


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    The propane detector will still be on which will drain your battery in about 2 weeks. My opinion based on my trailer btw.

    I would pull the battery out totally, and being I live where it can be very cold, put it in my basement on the work bench and charge it once a month.

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    Good point - forgot about the propane detector....
    Thanks! Gonna disconnect mine and find a decent trickle charger.

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    I take my battery out of the RV and put it in the basement. I usually charge it about once a month until I put it back in the RV for use. It is not ususally real cold here but it is right now. The cold really seems to have an effect on the battery.

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