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    Winterizing - do I really need the antifreeze?

    We returned from our last trip of the season Saturday and winterized our camper on Sunday. We did the following items:

    - Opened all faucets (kitchen, bathroom, shower, outdoor kitchen, outdoor shower, toilet) and let water drain from low point drain hoses
    - Drained hot-water heater and left plug out
    - Drained fresh water tank via gate valve underneath camper
    - Hooked compressed air to the fresh water fill and blew out all lines
    - Siphoned anti-freeze into black tank back-flush line
    - Poured anti-freeze into trap of each sink, into shower drain and poured some into toilet

    Given it really necessary to siphon anti-freeze into fresh water lines?
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    Do you need to, some will say no. But I feel it's a pretty cheap preventive measure and easier than replacing fixtures if blowing out did not get everything. We used barely over 1 gallon to winterize, glad we had leftovers from the year before..
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    There are many ways of winterizing, and I don't know that one way is better than the other.

    I caution you about cutting off the electricity to the hot water heater element. Make sure the circuit breaker's cut off. When you fill the tank, you'll have to open the valve on the pressure/temp relief valve to get water into the water heater. And only after water overflows out the valve do you cut back on the electrical circuit breaker.

    It's too easy to burn out the element. (Don't ask how I know.)

    I usually put a couple of gallons of antifreeze in my fresh water tank. Then, I bypass my hot water heater, cut off the circuit breaker and drain the hot water tank. I use the 12 volt pump to run antifreeze through every faucet (and the toilet) until I see pink. And I pour antifreeze into the drains. That's it.

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    On my previous trailers I did the exact same thing you did and never had an issue.

    With my Reflection though I used the antifreeze as it was very convenient. I used one jug to winterize my 293. Just need to make sure you bypass the water heater before you start.
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