We took delivery of our new 2015 Momentum 350M this past Monday 12/01/14. When we were doing the PDI, I noticed that I did not have the new step that attaches to the garage door when it's out as a party deck. It's in the pictures on Grand Designs website. And we don't have our 2 anti-gravity chairs with the momentum logo on it. Again, it shows this in the picture on the website. Yesterday the wife and I were sitting in the unit and we also noticed that the sofa doesn't have the pillow that goes with it.

1) am I not mistaken isn't the chairs and step suppose to come with the new units?

2) I told my dealer sales rep about this, and supposedly he is waiting on a call from one of the GD owners about this.

3) I also noticed that the second awning over the side of the garage was a completely different pattern and also a different cut then the main awning. I'm not talking about the back awning either. Why is this? I think this looks ugly like this because it doesn't match the main unit. Why would GD not use the same pattern? Can GD replace this to match?

4) the pillow on the sofa isn't that big of a deal, but if I am suppose to have this, can I get this too?

Other then these things missing and out of place, we are in love with the unit thus far. We have yet to take it for our first shack down trip, but that's coming soon. But please, someone with GD reply to this and let me know how we can obtain the missing pieces and also get the awning to match.