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    More and more quality issues than I bargained for

    Firstly the power converter went belly up only delivering 9.3VDC to the batteries.
    Second the AC power portion of the water heater just magically stopped working.
    Third the hand rail by the stairs fell off the wall
    Fourth the wires under the right slide don't retract
    Fifth the finish on the kitchen sink water spout is peeling off
    Sixth the stain on the kitchen island comes off with water and stains the floor
    Seventh the bathroom door will not close properly
    Eighth the windows are very hard to open
    Ninth the stove top right rear burner will not light with the lighter switch

    The sales person who talked me into this is saying it's an anomaly, if so I'm the whipping boy I guess
    I had a Dutchmen before this that I deemed low end junk, but I must say I didn't have the same difficulty as I'm having now!
    Reflection 337rls. 2015 model. 2010 RAM 3500 tow vehicle

    I was contacted by Dean at GD who asked me to call Atwood for the water heater and he's going to send me a new faucet.

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    For the most part, sounds like outside supplier issues. Talk to your dealer and if that gets you no where, then call the Grand Design customer service hotline. They have been excellent at making things right.

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