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    Hot Water Tank outlet hose leak...

    My 337 unit is about 8 months old, last week I noticed water on the floor near the electric panel door; pulled the lower middle drawer and was able to see into the compartment housing the hot water unit and saw that the outlet hose had ballooned just past the clamp and was leaking. The hose is rated at 150psi, but when hot it is very soft and water pressure greater than 50psi causes the diameter of the hose to expand. The hose walls are quite thin, and do not appear to be very robust for trailer usage. Has anyone else had any issues with water leaks and/or hose replacements?

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    Yes. Just discovered mine leaking at the cold inlet fitting.

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    ...I fixed the hot water leak using PEX polyethylene (80psi @ 200F) tubing system; also used solid ring clamps on the fittings. The poly tubing is quite stiff, but has a generous bending radius, so it wasn't a problem bending around the heating system to the inlet control valves. In the process, it seems I "created" a cold water leak by just bumping up against the clutter of hoses, so replaced a couple other hoses using the poly tubing & ring clamping method. So far, no more leaks!

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