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Thread: Tank Vents

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    Tank Vents

    I am about to install the tank vent that GD forgot! Is there anyone with a 350 M who would not mind measuring the position from the bathroom sky light to the sewer vent for me? I know it will be very close to the rear of the sky light, and towards the center of the coach, but an exact from another trailer would be very helpful. Thanks in advance!

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    Well looks like no responses, so I dove into it anyhow, discovered why it was not connected, it seems one of the holes was in the wrong place, so they just went right by it! I put a hole in the right place, cut the rest of the holes and connected everything. Seems to me the quality control guys were off the day this one was built

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    With my manufacturing experience, I've found that all the quality inspections in the world won't make a quality product. If items were built right in the first place, quality inspections wouldn't even be required. When extensive inspections are required, it's a sign of a broader problem and a culture that it's okay to let defects leave your work station. This is for manufacturing in general, and not specifically Grand Design.

    At least you are able to do the work yourself and not have to leave it for weeks at the dealer.

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    I too was glad to be doing the work Jim, I spent the last 20 years working at a dealer, and I know what happens at dealers, especially if it was not purchased from that dealer. I have seen many mistakes made during manufacturing that just get sent on down the line, "the dealer can fix it" attitude seems to be popular! We are full timers, so living on a dealer's lot for a few days to get a three hour repair completed just does not sit well with us!

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