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    Brand new 2015 303 slide issues.

    During PDI, I noticed the living room slide dragging the floor and leaving black marks. Obviously needed adjusting. Dealer adjusted and when I went back to pick it up, slide had dropped again and was rubbing floor. While I waited they adjusted slide a 2nd time. Pulled it home and set it up in driveway to find was dragging again. Anybody have this issue? It's obvious where it's sliding on the floor due to black streaks and indenting in floor. Starting to get nervous!!

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    This sounds like a perfect case for Grand Design to get involved. I'd give JD in customer service a call Monday morning at 574-825-8000. He's an invaluable source of information when it comes to issues like this.


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    Thanks Jim, my dealer is supposed to contact JD on monday. I just was curious if anyone has had this happen. I have read where it has messed the floor up before with other people. Curious what the fix is gonna be. Obviously the adjustment they did isn't holding. Keeping fingers crossed.

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