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Thread: Cheap Solar Panels / Starter Solar Panels / Ground Deployed Solar Panels

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthMuffin View Post
    Those wish solar panels are too good to be true. A good brand flexible solar panel (Renogy) is slightly larger for just a 100W panel. Either that or these are some sort of miracle panel with 60% efficiency. Most panels are around 20%, the best are about 25%, in the lab and really expensive ones for spacecraft are near 30%.
    When you are comparing Solar Panels, it is helpful to break down the cost to $ per Watt.

    Looking at the Renogy panel, the cost breaks down to; $1.89 per watt.

    The Canadian Solar Panels that I installed (320 Watt)b breaks down to; $0.64 per watt.

    These "Cheap" panels break down to; $0.33 per watt.

    One thing to consider is that most of the Solar panels in the world are produced by China. Consequently, it makes sense that China could sell Solar panels for much less than anybody else. Additionally, by buying direct, you are able to take advantage of the favorable exchange rate.

    These Solar panels will probably perform well and if they don't you aren't out very much money.

    Compare purchasing these cheap Solar panels to the Renogy Flex Panels; at $190 for a single 100 watt Renogy panel, you can purchase 6 times the wattage for the same price and still have 3 times the wattage if the cheap panels only work to 50% of their stated capacity.

    Based on the price of the 100 watt Renogy panel and these 600 watt cheap panels, I think the cheap panels are still worthwhile for temporary use, or as a ground deploy Solar system.
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    My point was that the technical specs on them were impossible--that many watts for that size of panel. They are a smaller capacity panel (likely around 100W) being misrepresented.

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