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    Gap on 1/4 bath in the 385th

    I have a new 385th we were out at Quartsite for the RV show, we loaded up our buggy in the back the night before heading home we were using the heater and had the CO alarm go of, f the only thing that I can figure is the heater blowing in the garage blows the gas fumes from the car under the door in the 1/4 bath into the living aria seeing that there is at least a 2 inch gap at the bottom of both doors I can see the heaver gas fumes would be pushed into the living aria the big glass door has a great seal on it but what should be done with the other doors? Any one had this?

    I think I can put a seal on the door that goes into the garage from the 1/4 bath would be good

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    I know exactly what you're talking about. We were worried about the fumes from under that door too. The gap was so large I could not find a threshold tall enough that would completely seal it. I needed to add a piece of wood along the bottom of the door as an extension that the threshold attached to and sealed the bathroom off from the garage. While I was working on the same door I also added a new lockable door knob that gave a little bit more of security.

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    Did you have the lower or upper vent open in the garage area? Just curious...I have been wondering why there is such a gap also but haven't been able to do anything about it yet since its been broke (at the dealer) longer than I have owned it.

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