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    Getting ready to be a full timer in a 313RLTS...advice?

    We have looked and looked and have decided this is the best one for us. We first fell in love with the 5th wheel but then decided a 5th wheel wouldn't be the best choice for us. To our wonderful surprise when we went back to the dealership they had made a pull behind! Needless to say we were thrilled. We went to a rv/camper show today and looked at hundreds of campers. None where as nice as what the reflections is. All that being said...any advice from full timers? We have already downsized from a home to a 2/2 apartment. But I'm sure there is so much we don't know. So any suggestions are welcome!!! Thank you in advance.

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    Welcome to the forum Ryanjenn and congratulations on your new Reflection!

    I'm sure some of our full timers will be by shortly to answer your questions and share their experiences with you.


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    Ryanjenn.....congrats on you new TT, and you made the right choice as far as company to pick from in an RV. GD is best in our book. As for Full-time....not to steer you away from here, but for general advice on just about EVERYTHING....go ro
    We're going ft next year and attended one of the rally's last year and it's a wealth of info, plus a great support network for full-timing questions. Good luck and maybe see you out there!

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    We just saw our first Reflection TT today on I-10 just west of Tucson. That's sure a nice looking rig! Good luck on your full timing plans. We are only part timers, so we can't help you with that aspect too much.


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    Ryanjenn - +1 on rv-dreams we went to one of their seminars also. There are several other full time blogs, websites, and forums out there with a wealth of information. One of the first things we are looking to decide is domicile and mail forwarding. That is after getting our 313rlts which is due in mid-March.


    John & Sherrie

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