I am wanting to add a washer/dryer combo to our unit. We do no have the space for it inside the RV it seems after the walkthrough. Well, the pantry, but I don't want to do that. It would require RV alteration. The wife really liked our Splendide combo unit in our last RV and she does not want to do the laundromat thing as we travel if we can help it. So, I'm looking for options. I don't have our 303 yet as it's being built. I was wondering if one of you would know or measure your 303 bay's interior height. My thoughts are that the bay may be a potential location for the new unit. I'm hoping to "T" off of outside shower for water input, vent outside via dryer hose connected to a firm extension that the bay door can rest on, and drain either by a simple connection to the gray tank line or even go as far as installing a bay tank. I have a macerator pump I use to push gray into a tote in the bed of my truck. The combo unit is 33 1/8" tall. I'd considered the front compartment too. If anyone knows the dimensions, please let me know. As you can imagine, I'm going through lots of planning right now. We've got a big trip planned after we get her in a few weeks. Brent