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    Black/Gray water tanks

    I just brought home my 308 BHTS. In my docking station are 2 valves to pull, one marked black and one marked gray. I have also noticed 2 discharge main, and one for the outside kitchen.

    My electronic panel in the house shows 2 gray tanks. Are there 2 grays and if so, does the one valve pull empty both?

    Also, does the outside kitchen have its own tank or is it plumbed straight to the discharge?

    I went from a small 23 foot Jayco to this...I'm used to 2 valves, 2 tanks, and one discharge outlet.

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    There is supposed to be 2 grey tanks. Your second grey tank gate valve is behind the wheels under the trailer. You'll have to bend down and look in order to see it. Just picked up my 308 this past weekend. everything appears to be in working order except for this rear grey tank. My gate valve appears to be stuck in the open or closed position. When I turn the water on at the rear kitchen with the outlet cover removed, regardless of how I position the valve lever (open or closed), the sink drains right out onto the ground. Something is wrong for sure.

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    Interesting. I was told that the rear kitchen was straight plumbing...the guy who did our walk through wasn't thst knowledgeable about this product.

    Let me ask you this. Is there a quick way to dump the fresh water tank? I don't use it and the dealer filled it full for testing.

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    If it's straight plumbing that's not good. It basically makes the rear sink useless. I may give GD a call today and just get to the bottom of this. My dealer lead me to believe there was a second gray tank.
    The fresh water dump valve is under the trailer just behind the front stabilizer jack.

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    I have a new 308BHTS as well. The rear discharge is for the outside kitchen only and is a direct discharge (there is not a tank connected). The forward facing discharge is for the (2) grey tanks and (1) black tank. The grey valve in the front compartment is for the bathroom grey tank and the second valve behind the wheels is for the interior kitchen grey tank. I was also confused when I first brought my unit home. The dealer had no idea what valve was for what..... This could have been labeled a bit better in my opinion.

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    Thanks for clearing that up. My dealer is not much help either. So, do people just let their grey water from the outside kitchen run onto the ground?

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    Quote Originally Posted by beatcop49 View Post
    Is there a quick way to dump the fresh water tank? I don't use it and the dealer filled it full for testing.
    There should be a FW tank drain near the axles on the street a white 1" (?) valve. There'll be a blue pex tank vent/overflow line beside it.

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    Most coaches with an outside kitchen have a drain that goes directly through. On our friend's Coleman trailer, he puts a 5 gallon bucket under the discharge, then dumps it in an appropriate place when needed.

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    Directly dumping wastewater, even gray water, is considered an environmental no-no.
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    True, we should not dump grey water on ground. But, I see many people wash their dishes out doors and throw dirty water near a tree or shrub
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