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    Question Sidewinder and B&W Hitches Not Compatible?

    I was just getting ready to purchase a Reese Sidewinder for my 369RL, literally had it in my shopping cart and getting ready to press "buy now". Then, I saw a footnote at the bottom of the's not obvious by any means. It says that the Sidewinder product is not compatible with ANY B&W hitch. It also voids the warranty on the Sidewinder product if used. I imagine this would have a trickle down effect and have an impact on the Lippert frame warranty and the Solitude warranty from GD right? I called Reese today, spoke with Zack in their tech support group and he verified that this is accurate..... for the most part, the ONLY compatible hitch is the Reese hitch....just about everything else is "incompatible". He said it has something to do with their locking pin and the mechanism that makes the sidewinder work, but I *think* it might be more of an issue that B&W is a competitive product....who knows. Was anyone else aware of this? Just wondered if anybody in the forum is using a B&W hitch with the Sidewinder? Was really disappointed to see this....I know that I can get a sliding hitch but just like the idea of the Sidewinder. Anyone have any experience with these two products?

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    I remember this being discussed on another forum (Forest River Forum) and the Reese Sidewinder would require a different wedge for the B&W hitches and was available through etrailer at the time. I understand that the wedge is required when the sidewinder is unlocked to allow rear pivoting. The wedge provided with the pinbox will only work with a Reese hitch...not surprising that they only support their own hitch. It looks like etrailer would be a good source for further info.

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    The Reese tech I spoke with today was pretty firm that "any" B&W hitch would void the warranty, regardless of the wedge used. Given the size of the investment in an RV like the Solitude, and if I did have some issue, I don't want fingers being pointed between Lippert, Reese and Grand Design. As much as I like the Sidewinder product, I'm just going to with a B&W slider and keeping everything stock.

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    Why not just go with the b&w companion slider?

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    That's what I ended up buying. Was trying to save a bit of weight and space in the truck and it wasn't much of a price difference...the slider is heavier and takes to people to install (or so I am told). I know the Sidewinder has been a bit of a discussion here in the GD forums....thought I'd post what I learned today for others to benefit. I don't think many people know that using B&W hitch voids the warranty.

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