When I picked up or 303 from the dealer, I traded in the standard 12v battery for a pair of 6v. The dealer gave me a hard time about me doing a self install on the 6v batteries saying it needed to be done by a "qualified" technician. I temporarily installed the batteries with a jumper to get thru the first weekend and went to finish the job today. I found the positive red battery wire end crimp terminal so poorly crimped that it came off in my hands. The black is only slightly better. So the "qualified" technician who installed the original battery plus the one that removed it later didn't bother to check this connection. It's poor workmanship from the factory but I caught it so easily that it should have been picked up.

So, go check your battery leads, give 'em a tug and make sure they're securely crimped. I'm going to remove mine and re-crimp, solder and shrink wrap them at both ends of each wire.

Just hope this isn't an issue throughout the rig. The battery cables are somewhat easy to get at but there are places where it will not be so easy.