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Thread: New 28G owner with lots of questions

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    New 28G owner with lots of questions

    We recently purchased a 2021 Momentum 28g. We have not been able to leave the dealers lot with the trailer yet because of trailer brake issues. We have a 2015 GMC 3500 SRW and every other trailer we hook up to works perfect but not the one we purchased. Dealer says itís my truck I say itís the trailer and so on. Iíve made 3 trips- 15 plus hours just driving back and forth , itís 2.5 hr one way for us to the dealer. The last trip the dealer was very helpful and worked side by side with us trying to fix the issue but the end result was me driving back home again with no trailer and then wanting me to have my truck looked at by the GMC dealer. This is after I pulled multiple other GDís around their lot with no problem and hooked up the brake tester box with no issues. They checked all the grounds and wiring in the J-box, replaced the 7 way harness on the trailer replaced the 7 way plug on the truck and it still didnít work. The next day they call and said we got the trailer to trip our shop GMC trailer brakes so we know itís not your truck and we found a loose ground and that fixed the problem and wanted me to drive back to plug in to test it again. I have zero faith in this specific trailer now and I donít know what to do. Has anybody else had trailer brake issues with similar year trucks? Should I be asking for compensation of some sort for all the troubles. They never believed that it was the trailer until it didnít work on their truck so I feel like the never believed what I was telling them. Iím very frustrated and torn on what to do.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    I dont think I'd have zero faith in the trailer due to a loose ground wire. It makes sense if the brake circuit had a loose ground there would be no brakes.

    Make the dealer bring the trailer to you.

    On my Momentum, the ground wires were a giant mess. I had 14+ wires twisted together in a big mess with a wire nut on the end. I ended up installing a ground bus bar and fixed it, but it does not surprise me at all that you had a loose ground wire somewhere.

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