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    Solar - The Big Picture

    Just purchased a 2021 2400BH and have been dabbling in off grid solar for my ranch. Would like to simply add about 30amp of 120v power from a LiPo battery bank to this system. Thinking of various options using the "solar-ready wiring" offer different problems. Looking for any good thoughts on the big picture planning from anyone that has done it. It seems to me that the existing wolar 10g wires from roof are nice to run panels to the MPPT charger. From here I can charge my battery bank, run my inverter, etc... Seems that front compartment (whatever name it has please let me know) would be ideal for batteries, controller mounting, inverter, etc... BUT I would then need to run my 10g romex back to the main panel some way and have a transfer switch (just like a home panel) anytime I wanted to swicth from shore power (grid) to my battery generated 3000-5000w system. Alternatively I could place the battery bank, inverters, etc... near the back of the RV (near bunk) and perhaps access the 50amp wires here directly from the plug and place my transfer switch and minimize new wire running (except the solar wires now need to run from roof to this location leaving factory wires lonely and unused. Finally, was looking at Victron MultiPlusII which has a grid/charge/boost feature so I could just wire my 50amp plug and batteries into it directly and let it worry about the loads just using shaire/battery as needed depending on situation. Does this make any sense to anyone. I simply want my 120v to work all the time, charge from solar when it can and from shore when possible (or generator in emergencies when there is no sun or shore power). Seems like I have to tear into rig to fish new wire for most any situation. Thanks.

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    We placed our batteries and 12/3000/ 120 Victron multi inverter charger in the pass through bay together keeping the major gauge wire runs short . Also the victron MPPT controller there also. Using the Victron makes it possible to eliminate the extra transfer switch as it does it automatically.
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