We took delivery of a 2021 2600RB on January 30, 2021. I have been going out and checking the camper for leaks etc. as we have had a bit of snow here. The other day I noticed the LED strips on the front cap were peeling from the top on each side . A couple three inches on one side and about one to two inches on the other side. I took pictures and sent them along to GD. They are sending me a replacement for them as our dealer is 160 miles away. Does anyone have any tips about doing this job. The tricky part would appear to be where the wire goes through the front cap and where it is located on the other side of the cap or does it just unplug from somewhere. I know I could put some adhesive on the LEDs but this thing is brand new and due to the weather here I haven't even used it yet. I have to wait for warmer weather to attempt any repair so I want to hit the ground running.