I purchased an Xroose Backup Camera and Screen Base. I mounted the camera on the back and top of my 18' trailer. It worked great during a 4 hour trip to Savannah. However, towards the end of my trip the camera started to fail and continued to fail. I contacted the manufacturer and they sent me another camera. Upon inspection I found the replacement to be different. The initial camera that failed has a pairing switch but the replacement camera has none. It only has the power cable. So the question here is, how do I pair the camera? Initiating the base to "look" for the signal with the camera powered does nothing. I confirmed the camera has 12v power as does the base. And the two are only 5 feet apart. I checked another supplier of cameras and he suggested on his website to power the camera after the base starts initiating the pairing procedure. That did not work. I have emailed Xroose three times by email (no phone number listed) and no response. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks