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    Weathering-16F on the CO Front Range, Fridge no longer cooling in LP or AC modes

    Hi all,

    First time poster here and was hoping to get some input from folks who've weathered blistering cold temps that break things, specifically absorption refrigerators.
    My wife and I are first time RVers, and have been living in our since late October. Finally, temperatures dropped to as low as -16F last week and our refrigerator stopped functioning properly. The refrigerator is a Dometic DM2882LBFX (I have been unable to find a service manual anywhere)

    So far here's what's happening and what I've done and observed:

    Our "Check" light is on in AC mode, but no such light in LP mode. I attempted running both modes outside of auto mode, but got the same result each time. I tested both for 6 hours each. No change in temperature on our temp probe in either mode. I went to the back and pulled off the cover, I didn't smell any strange smells or see any ammonia or stains, but the lines are all outside temperature, not hot, not cold. It appears fluid circulation has stopped. The gas and pilot light are still working, I can hear the flame... but still no heat at the baffle. Since I have been unable to find a service manual, I've resorted to my installation book to determine where the fuses are located (none are blown).

    Our neighbors told us to stick a hairdryer in the back to heat the lines and get the fluid moving again, so we tried that, and unfortunately still had the same problem afterward.

    We are very much hoping that we don't end up with a $3000 bill on our hands. For fear of having to go back to the hellish wait at the dealership, and since we're full-timing, I was hoping folks here might be able to help me figure out what's what and potentially DIY fix this thing!

    Any ideas? What have I missed? What do you recommend? My wife, baby and I all thank you in advance!

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    I have the same problem ! Ours is Dometic DM2882RBFX
    Freezer is at 38 degrees & fridge at 42 degrees
    Planning a trip from WI to AZ next week and we want to have some food to eat on the road
    What's up ?
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    As funny as it might sound, the fridge needs heat to cool. At -16, the liquid won't get hot enough to turn to a gas and circulate.
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