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    Battery fault on 31g

    Question about a battery fault. I store my new rig (31g) where I canít leave it plugged into shore power. Went to it yesterday and it was dead- no power to anything at all. (Assumed I left something on even though I was pretty sure I didnít- strung a long extension out to it and it came back on). The jaboni controller came back on and said battery fault 6 low voltage... again assuming battery dead but then after all came on battery read from that controller as 13.1 v or so, and inside controller panel listed it as full- was able to immediately unplug from shore power and still was operating fine.

    Any ideas what might be wrong- I tried all resets and battery disconnects to get it working, but it didnít come to life until I was able to plug it in.

    Hoping for this not to happen if I was out dry camping (for now Iíll throw Honda generator in the truck so Iíve got backup for power since I couldnít even start onboard onan without power.

    And side question- when in storage for 2-4 weeks, should I be flipping battery disconnect and solar disconnect- figured I shouldnít to keep charge on battery but maybe Iím wrong on this.

    Thanks in advance

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    The solar charge controller is designed to maintain the battery without harming it. As long as your RV isn't covered (blocking the sun), you should be OK. Using the battery disconnect does not remove all loads, either - there are still parasitic loads like CO/Propane alarms, etc., pulling from the battery. I don't have any insight into the odd behavior you are describing... perhaps someone more knowledgeable than me will come along.

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