On my last trailer I had a quad battery box similar to this unit. https://allbatterysalesandservice.co...atteries-gcq-g

The following dimensions are taken from the OUTSIDE of the battery box
The polyurethane is 3/16" thick.

Dimensions With Lid On:
LENGTH: 22 3/8"
WIDTH: 16"
HEIGHT: 12 7/8"

Dimensions of Base Only:
LENGTH: 21 1/2"
WIDTH: 15 1/8"
HEIGHT: 12 5/8"

It was a good box and held up well over the 12 years I had it. I was able to stack supplies on top. However it is out of stock everywhere and if it was in stock shipping is very expensive.

I can almost get 2 duel boxes for the same price, possibly getting a better fit in the space I have. My other choice is getting 2-dual boxes.

Dual box brands

Each has their pros and cons as far a tie down, size, and battery orientation. No clear leader.

What can folks tell me about these brands and how well they are holding up for you. The boxes will be in the front bay of the 5th wheel.

Thanks for any help.