This RV propane/electric refrigerator has a digital setting for temperature from 1 - 9. Since I have an external digital thermometer I decided to do a lengthy test on what temperatures those numbers actually are. Lower number setting is warmer. Higher number is colder.

The probe was placed in about the center of the refrigerator's lower section. I kept a chart of the temps and settings. I would sometimes change from a 2 setting to an 8, track the temperature for 12 hours or so, then change it to something different. Temperatures are in Fahrenheit.

I mainly wanted to know that if I set the temp to a 9 the night before I was going to change sites that the refrigerator WOULD get colder. Before I pull in the slides I change the temperature to a 3 and then I'll use less battery (on inverter) on my way to my next site.

1 - 41.7
2 - 40.2
3 - 39.0
4 - 37.5
5 - 36.3
6 - 36.3
7 - 36.1
8 - 34.7
9 - 34.6