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    Canada owners - Winegard antenna and Gateway

    Questions that might be answered by a techno nerd owner in Canada. Not really relevant for US owners where Cell plans are so much better :-)

    We recently purchased a 2021 GD 310RLS Reflection, and are figuring out a few things. I have a bunch of questions about the Winegard technology and what options we have.

    So, as I understand it, the Winegard 360+ unit attached to the top of our RV is an omni-directional antenna that can pick up the following signals:

    - TV ‘over the air’ transmission and radio AM/FM signals – this feature is already connected to our TV A/V centre in the RV, correct? So nothing else we need to do there.

    - Wifi signals – It can pick up these signals, and then can be attached to a gateway / router to amplify the signals in our RV and nearby, through a wifi hotspot it creates (ie – it becomes the wireless router) – I have some questions about that below. I believe there are connectors for that preinstalled in the ceiling of my unit. These would make it very simple to install the Gateway device.

    - Cell signal – If I’m in the US, and have an AT&T or Verizon plan, I can get a sim card from them and put it into the Winegard Gateway (if I buy one), and connect it to my existing plan. This allows me to use my cellular provider to create a wifi network in my unit from my cellular service, in places where there is no wifi or bad wifi (that’s about 70% of the RV parks in Canada based on my experience to date.) Basic question here. In Canada, if we have Telus as our cell plan provider, can we also get a Sim Card from them and connect the Winegard to our cellular network here in Canada? I don’t think that’s an option from what I’ve seen so far?

    - Of course I could get a cellular data plan through Winegard, but that seems dumb. I already pay good $ for a 10Gb monthly cellular data plan to Telus that works on both sides of the border, why would I get yet another plan and pay yet another provider every month for something I already have? We’re not full time RV’ers so certainly wouldn’t want to purchase a monthly payment cell service. Also, I’m suspecting the Winegard Canada plan would only work in Canada?

    So IF I can connect the Winegard Gateway to my Telus plan, then getting the Winegard Gateway and attaching it to the 360+ seems like a very good investment, I can use it to create a much better wifi hotspot than my phone itself can create (given my phone has a much smaller antenna and will be inside my unit where the signal will be weaker.)

    However, if all the Gateway can do for me in Canada is act as a Wifi signal extender / router, then it sure is a darn expensive option for that. It looks to cost almost $500 in Canada, and I can purchase a top of the line standalone wifi extender for maybe $200, and a bargain basement version (which we already have) for maybe $50. The drawback is, a standalone unit wouldn’t be attached to the 360+ antenna which seems like it would really boost the connectivity. So a couple of questions here:

    - Can I purchase a wifi extender that is NOT from Winegard, and connect it to the 360+ antenna hookups already pre-installed in the ceiling of my unit?
    - Or, does Winegard sell a gateway that is only a wifi extender that hooks up to the 360+, and doesn’t cost so darn much money?

    Am I missing something here? Seems to me that if I want to use the 360+ antenna to help improve my wifi, then I need to pay for the overpriced Gateway. Unless someone has better options to suggest.

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    I hope I'm not directing the wrong way. As is, you have a am, fm and digital TV signal antenna. Nothing more is needed for that. Now for the wifi and cell booster, you'll need the gateway from Winegard. Do you have a filler puck on your ceiling right underneath the air 360? If so then thats where the required power cables will be. Theres a few threads on that if you search this forum. Now as you already know, here in Canada, WiFi is not available everywhere. On some of our trips, it was non existant. So you can't amplify or boost what isn't there. Same goes for cell signals. Data over cell signal is extremely expensive here. I decided to wait and invest my money on Starlink. It also won't be cheap but at least it will be real good internet speed. If you got the wifi and cell booster route, I'd go with a different system then Winegard. There a bunch of post on that also.
    Others with more knowledge and experience on this subject will surely chim in.
    Good luck

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