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Thread: Dometic RM1350

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    Dometic RM1350

    We have a 367bh and have a fridge that is not getting cold itís actually getting hotter when it runs on either gas or shore power. The trailer is a 2019 and parked permanently since new. When I take the back panel off outside the gas lights and if I flip it to electric the element lines get hot as well. The upper panel when I open it does not show any obstructions and I can feel the heat coming off when running on gas. It was -20c a couple weeks ago when we stayed in it and thought that maybe something frozen but we are back to daytime highs of 6-9C. All fuses are fine as well. Any thoughts?

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    Fighting a similar issue with the RM1350 in my 260RD. Stopped cooling altogether last summer, and been fighting with it since. Was working fine on 120 for a while, then nothing at all. Found the glass 5a fuse on the control board was blown. Worked just fine on 120 after that, but still nothing on LP. Pulled the fridge out and cleaned the flue hoping that would fix it (probably had at least 75 days of running on LP from boondocking) and no change. However I also pulled the steel panel that blocked off part of the upper vent, thinking that was something I should not have done. The interior of the fridge was over 80*F when ambient was in the 60s.

    Have you checked to make sure the fans are coming on? There's a thermal switch back there that kicks the fans on and is supposed to dissipate the heat.
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