Hi all.
While awaiting delivery of our 1st RV at the end of this month, a 2021 2670MK, I'm studying, reading owner manuals and forums--for the RV and a new truck--and generally trying to prepare for what I expect to be an exciting and overwhelming PDI and delivery of our new "mini home". This forum and those manuals have been my bedtime and "library" reading of late.

1st planned excursion will be a stay-cation for 2-3 months, at our nearby RV resort/marina, while our townhouse is being renovated. Hopefully we can learn to RV, work out new RV bugs and adapt to more "togetherness", while being close to the dealer and before taking a longer camping road trip.
Recently bought a 2021 Silverado HD 2500 6.6 Duramax/Allison 10 speed that I hope will be up to the towing tasks. Love it so far; got the LTZ with a couple extra options. More cameras than I knew could be put into an automobile; still figuring those out while reading about adding a couple more for the RV.

Using 1500 series Chevy's, I've towed our 1st and only boat & trailer, that's about 7000 lbs. fully loaded, since it was new in 2003. We still own it and love it, after 1700 hours of boating.
So, I'm accustomed to pulling some weight, with surge brakes on the tandem trailer, but never as much as the RV and I've never used electric trailer brakes or really had to consider tail-swing clearance or height clearance.
I've bought extra trailer-side hardware to continue using our existing Equalizer 10K WDH, that works great for the boat, despite the God awful noises it makes. Hope it works well for the RV too.

In addition to any tips/tricks/warnings, for which I'll be grateful, I'm especially interested in learning more about:
-RV electric brakes and setting them up
-Will the Chevy supplied extra TPMS sensors (4) that came with truck work well for the RV?
-Upgrading the RV connectivity/internet system to enhance working remote while travelling.
-Learning about batteries/chargers/maintainers and how to use the trucks dual batteries and alternators to help with all that.
-Known manufacturing issues/defects to look for during PDI.
-Which RV related memberships (Good Sam, KOA, fuel cards, etc) are worthwhile and which are not.
-What are the absolutely essential accessories needed (and what should GD include with the trailer); From reading this excellent and helpful forum, I think I'm aware of the basic stuff; drain line and it's clear elbow adapter and support/slope thingy, potable water supply hose, other water supply hose, 50 amp power cable, leveling blocks, hand tools, multimeter, torque wrenches, cheap bourbon, good bourbon, etc.
-Is there a reference for all the RV acronyms (is the meaning of "DW" contextual, like "Bless your heart!")?

Any helpful guidance for a couple of expectant newbies is appreciated.
Be safe and well; hope to see ya'll out there soon.

-BigD in Myrtle Beach