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    Anyone have this problem (Fresh Water Overflow)

    Has anyone run into this problem. With the Fresh water switch set to City Water and the Fresh Water Fill Switch closed, the Fresh Water tank fills very slowly, like over the course of 5 days, and water eventually starts dripping out of the overflow. Note: dealer just replaced the four-way switch a week ago.

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    I posted this on the Tech Corner Forum about this issue so I thought I would also post it here to close out this thread "I sent JD an e-mail on Tuesday regarding the problem with the leak into the Fresh Water tank. On Friday, I got a complete KantLeak assembly in the mail. I finally had a chance to install it yesterday. I checked the Fresh Water tank this morning and it was empty. I tried the valve in all 4 positions just to make sure there were no leaks. Everything looks good. The only installation issue I had was that ther was no hole for the underslide light switch in the mounting plate. Luckily, I had a hole saw that was the right size. Thanks JD and GD customer service for the quick response.".

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    Actually, I tried to send you a reply, shortly after your first post. My 305RE does the same thing, only I have not had the overflow happen. That may be do the fact that we have not stayed in one place longer than a week. I thought it was related to the water pump as it will cycle on occasion without opening a valve. I thought I would check into it when back home.

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