My 2021 Reflection 268BH came with Goodyear Endurance ST 225/75/R15 E tires. Max cold pressure is 80 psi. Since the unit has a GVWR of 9995 lbs., would I be correct in thinking I should inflate the tires to 65 psi? (2540 load pounds per tire x 4 tires = 10160 load pounds). It came from the dealer with 80 psi in each tire, but from what I gather from the charts, that's too much. Thoughts?

Regarding the TPMS......what should I set as minimum and maximum pressures to trigger the alert? Somebody told me that generally (for car/truck tires) they allow 20% psi increase for heating, but I don't know if that's true or if it applies to trailer tires. Advice?

Thanks in advance.