We're looking into moving from our 377 to a 375. The only thing holding us back is the smaller single awning on the 375. Never one to leave things be, I am investigating to potential to add a second awning. We also looked at the 380 which has the second awning but were not fans of the seemingly more cramped kitchen space and a few other minor things. We may still go that way but I want to exhaust this option first.

So first, I assume they don't add the second awning because the space between the door and the slide it too small for another arm. So a second awning would need to be the box type. Looking at the exterior (I haven't broker out a tape measure yet) It looks like it could run from the first awning to the rear living room slide. That slide looks to high to go over. Also the dining slide is fairly short so I don't thing a awning on it would be very beneficial.

I imagine that there is some backing installed in the wall where the factory puts awnings and that will not be in place for the second awning. So especially with a box style awning mounting will be the biggest issue. My thought is to bolt the mounting plate though the wall. Leaving aside for now that something will need to be done on the inside to make that not look hidious and getting power to it, my main question is this a reasonable plan? Or is there something I'm not thinking about that will cause problems with the wall?

The awning I've been looking at is the carefree mirage or mirage 2 stage. They extend out farther (9' 8") and the 2 stage pitches even farther down which would be nice. These stock awnings are so high with little pitch they leave much to be desired.

So anyway, fire away. Is this a possible option?