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    Wink Level Up vs Ground Control Electric Leveling System

    Last night was our first night of our inaugural shakedown trip. We got here pretty early (for us) and thought wed have plenty of time to get everything level set up it was about 5:0, had two hours before dark... We are in Pennsylvania and it was COLD once the sun went down. So yes we were working on the leveling for more than two hours! We had only use the auto system previously at our storage spot when we brought it home at the end of February. And that spot does slightly slope down to the right and after getting a few errors at our storage spot, we did figure out what to do to get it to leveled appropriately and get a solid green light (yay success). we were glad that we had that difficulty and learned some troubleshooting while we were storing it. And it was very helpful so we saw being on a pretty much level pull through spot that we would be able to troubleshoot any issues with auto leveling. Boy were we wrong. I searched and read for hours last night on line and in this forum and did get some helpful advice because we are going to try some of that this morning and pull in the slides and try some adjusting using some of the tips that I found. But when I was doing research last night and trying to get further direction one frustrating thing was that I could not tell if I had the Ground Control 3.0 or the Level Up system. A lot of the troubleshooting videos I looked up did not have the same pad that is outside the camper. A lot of the ones that I found on the quick pad that was outside it had a small LCD screen. Ours does not. Even when we hooked up everything with our remotes one connect thing we still dont have the same screen on ours that they had in the videos so Im so confused. We cannot find a way to manually operate each jack independently even using the touchscreen system inside or the app on our phone.

    It seems like ground control is an electric system and level up is hydraulic. Im 99% sure that we have electric not hydraulic because we have a solitude S class.Yet we do not have the touchpad with the LCD. I am very confused.
    Just to let you guys know ahead of time, we did read up on the whole 4 angle from side to side issue and we did Find some information regarding the front jacks and things to try with those to troubleshoot. But I still would like to know what system I have and what components because it doesnt seem like anything I find us matching up.
    I included pictures below of the two different pairs that I keep seeing referenced the one without the little LCD screen is the one that we have.

    If you have read this far I really appreciate any comments. I know that people ask a lot of questions about auto leveling. And we tried to be very independent and do our own troubleshooting LOL.

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    You are correct - the S Class Solitudes have the electric landing gear and leveling system. A number of us have found Lippert Customer Support to be extremely responsive and helpful. You might want to call them with any questions you have: 432-547-7378. I'm not familiar with the electric auto-leveling, but others on the forum are and someone may come along with more info...

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    Your S-Class has a Ground Control 3 system. Your jacks are electric. Most likely, your problem is that you need to reset your zero point calibration after your initial challenges at your storage site. As long as none of the jacks were inadvertently bent, this will usually correct the issue. If not, then it becomes a bigger process of elimination.

    Install the LCI app on your smartphone and you will be able to get to manuals much more easily.
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