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    Westlake G rated tires out and in with the Hercules

    I have read several comments on this forum how the Westlake tire failures are primarily on the E rated tires and how the quality of their G rated tires are much better and don't experience the high failure rates as the E rated tires. Well I would beg to differ as I only have negative experience with Westlake tires. On my buddy's 2800BH Imagine he experienced a tire blowout on our way back home from a trip with them and those tires were less than 12months old and with only a couple of thousand miles on them. It blew out his fender and caused all types of damage he was lucky enough that since his unit was less than 12months old GD send him the necessary parts and we fixed it up. Then this past weekend on our way out I experienced a total blow out on my G rated Westlake tire. We were a little over 1 hour into our trip when the tire blew up into pieces. We both run the TST TPMS and neither time were we warn about the blow outs. His E rated tire lost the entire thread cap but did not technically blow up and was still fully inflated to the correct PSI so the tpms was reading ok. Mine on the other hand was like a bomb explosion and broke the metal stem on the rim so I lost the TPMS sensor. All systems were normal as I had the cruise set at 68 mph and right after the explosion the monitor showed that tire at 107 degrees (outside temp 89) and 122 psi which is well within range for those tires and the 3 other tires had a very similar reading. So I am done with these china bombs.

    I am having 5 new tires installed this week and wanted to know if anyone is using the Hercules H-901 ST and/or if anyone has upgraded to the ST235/85R16? I originally wanted the Cooper Roadmaster but they don't come in 16 inch so I opted for the Hercules tires which are manufactured by Cooper Tire as well here in the USA in Findlay, Ohio. My buddy uses the Hercules on his big concrete pump trucks balloon tires and he has been getting excellent results for a couple of years now. I have not seen many comments on this forum about the Hercules H-901 and wanted to hear of others experience with these tires. Also by upgrading to the 235/85 the load index per tire goes up to 4410# which is significant higher while the tire diameter increases by less than 0.40 inch.
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