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    Weight distribution reference for 2250RK

    Hey folks, I'm a brand new owner of a 2250RK and having fun trying to solve weight distribution puzzle. Apologies if this has already been answered. If so, can you place a link to the thread or external links to sites?

    I'm looking for a "cheat sheet" that describes how weight is distributed (as a pct) the further away from axles weight is placed. I've seen some general references. the most general example is to load 60/40. Load 60% of weight towards the front. Which is ok for ball parking numbers. But I'm hoping to find (or create?) something a little more specific because I believe the further the weight is from the axles the more it increases/decreases tongue weight. I think a reference sheet like this would be useful for trip planning.

    Example (using my 2250RK):
    Jack/Propane = 90% hitch/10% axle;
    Batteries = 80% hitch/20% axle;
    Front storage = 70% hitch/30% on axle;
    Fresh Water Tank = ???
    Bathroom = ??
    Kitchen = ??

    I'm hoping this type of information exists already. If not then I'll attempt to gather the information required to create it.

    BTW--i'm towing with a 2014 GMC Sierra 1500 Crew 5.3l - Z71 - Trailer Pkg (Not Max) - Fastway E2 WDH. E2 was provided by dealer. I wanted the E4 but they were REALLY hesitant to install it. It was a very frustrating conversation because I felt like I knew more than they did. But it was what they were willing to throw in as part of the deal so I just went with it thinking I can switch later if needed.
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    I suggest you find a friend who is structural engineer who can draft your trailer into something like SolidWorks or other program. Then you can add weight to specific areas and see the distribution. There are a lot of variables even after you have your empty trailer modeled because as you add weight over here then add some over there they can counter act each other at different percentages. Example my trailer has empty tongue of say 350lbs. but when i fill the black and grey water tanks that puts around 450 lbs behind the axles. Oh but I forgot I added 2 batteries and propane bottles 2 ft from the ball.... I maybe a minority when I think modern trucks in the 2010 and newer range have more believable and accurate weight ratings. So towing close to the max numbers on an unmodified vehicle is ok provided the trailer braking system is functioning. How else does a 20k lbs tractor pull a 75k lbs 53 ft box trailer. Good Luck.

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