Hello Momentum owners,

I am looking for input from 320G floorplan owners as to experience/recommendations for installing a combo unit in the garage. Called GD and they're not really guiding me on options for venting so thinking ventless. Only need to do basics (undies and towels) when we're out on a multiweek trip, mostly when the kids do come with us. The unit selection process has me down to 2.3CF model from either LG or Splendid. GD customer service did validate the drain goes to my rear black tank. Certainly not ideal but doable. What they could not tell me is how to deal with the fact the furnace vent for the garage is on the same wall as the utility hookup near the floor. With the reduced insulation values of the garage floor, the room is already hard to keep comfortable for spring and fall trips when we have guests back there. Seems the location of the washer/dryer was an afterthought in design of the floorplan, plumbing and HVAC to say the least.

Anyone with a 320G have some insights on their experiences? Again, we're leaning towards ventless since I don't really want to DIY cuts into an exterior wall, but I'd feel more comfortable if a few folks had done it and could give me direction on what/how they did it.