I just sold my old 5th wheel and bought a used 2018 Reflection 150 290BH. I love the floor plan and especially the size of the shower. But the shower stall walls flexed and moved when I used the shower controls. That's not good in a moving vehicle subject to vibration, etc. The bedroom closet backs up to the shower so I cut the rear panel of the closet so I could beef up the supports for the shower. As I suspected, GD only screwed the shower controls to the plastic shower stall, nothing else to support it. So I used a 2x3 to frame in supports for the shower controls and the shower head. Now the shower controls don't move and the shower stall does not flex any more. I know this trailer is a lightweight model and they wanted to save weight and money, but seriously? There are some things that just need to be framed and supported properly. I also have to reinforce under the pass through storage, there are no supports under the thin plastic trays by both doors. Here are pics of my shower framing. I reinstalled the closet panel with screws instead of staples in case I need to access it again. And a little piece of trim along the bottom hides my cut.Click image for larger version. 

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