For movies and streaming video we have had an old Roku box for a lot of years, 10+ used it in the sticks and bricks then moved it out to the RV when we went fulltime. We use it connected to either campground Wi-Fi (if available) or via our Visible hot spot off an old cell phone. Visible uses Verizon. Our cell phones are AT&T and can also act as hot spots so we are pretty much covered. We also use the hot spot for the internet, works great. There are places nothing is going to work, too remote.

Anyway our old Roku unit is pretty dated and in some cases can not be used with some of the newer streaming channels like discovery+ and Hallmark channels the wife likes to watch. Some it wont work at all or is constantly downloading and in some cases causes it to reboot. We were looking for an upgrade and saw an add on Roku to upgrade but the link didn't work. Then we saw the Ultra LT model in Wally World yesterday, $69. Decided to buy it. A one time purchase cost and as long as we have had our old one, pretty cheap entertainment. It works really well, hands down better video, 1080 HD, is a whole lot faster, a lot more memory and works better, can be voice commanded and even has head phones if your into that sort of thing, wife is happy now. We took the old Roku and hooked it up to the bedroom TV. I guess I'll be banished to the bedroom TV to watch free old classic monster and creature movies up there. Watched The Deadly Mantis with William Hopper the other night and Gene Barry in War of the Worlds.

Our new Roku Ultra works great and is just another option for us along with our library of DVDs we keep in a binder if we want to watch those, or the RV antenna. Right now the campground we are staying at has cable included in our site costs.

Just wanted to report on the Roku in case anyone was interested.