at the race shop,lLong story short, we had a short bed 3500. we had the dealer put in the BW turnoverball hitch which we've used many times before on other trucks. works great. we bought the RVK 3400 BW 5th wheel 20k hitch with the nice slider for it. works great. the hauler who was bringing us the truck which was new also stopped to grab our trailer and boneheaded it and turned too sharply and with 600 miles on the odometer , popped out the rear window and a small dent ont he cab. the hauler co fixed it, wasnt bad like 1200 bucks...but we moaned enough that the dealer agreed to take back the truck and we ended up going with the long bed which we have for the others. i was worried about toying a monster 5th wheel with a shortbed even with a slider, that worry got realized trip1. anyway, all is corrected now. in the long bed we put in the bw24k turnover but not the slider. smaller, sleeker, a bit more weight carrying, and lighter to remove.

anyway, we have the RVK3400, which is the bw 5th wheel on the bw sliders. i have it posted on ebay. starting at 800 bucks, retails 17Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	3343200. its new other than the 1 ill-fated trip. zero wear or anything on it. probably 150 miles on it. works great very nice, but we dont need it in the long bed and have no use for it. the dealer sold us the non-slider version at cost so we just want to sell this and not have a massive paper weight in the garage.
anyone up here need something like that, or, where/what site do you think would be right to post it for sale?

if this is the wrong place for this,let me know and i can move it. obviously a bit of a for sale angle, but also trying to figure out amongst an experienced group where this might be best posted. probably first bw hitch we've ever sold. they last. i have other photos just PM me.