Background - De-winterizing and cleaning rig. Maxxfan 4951KS, model 2018, opened and operated normally prior to cleaning.

Problem: MAXXFAN MODEL 4951 KS Lid Won't Close After Cleaning

Steps leading to problem:

1. Removed the MaxxAir FanMate EZClip Vent Cover

2. Opened the lid from the wall mount switch.

3. Removed the arms from the operator mechanism to the lid.

4. Cleaned the underside of the lid and interior of fan.

5. Reattached arms from the operator mechanism to the lid.

6. Attempted to close lid from wall mount - NO JOY.

7. Attempted to close lid manually using knob - NO JOY.

8. Motor sounds like it is under extreme load and operator mechanism freezes after 1-2 rotations.

Attempted Fixes:

1. Removed the arms again from the lid.

2. Cycled the on/off wall mounted switch. Arms extend and retract just fine; motor and operator mechanism sound normal under no load.

3. Reattached arms to lid loosely - to rule out binding.

4. Cycled on/off wall mounted switch. Arms will not retract to closed position under load; motor sounds and operator mechanism sound bad.

If anyone else out there has had this problem and knows what the fix is, I would appreciate the information. TIA