I had the opportunity to crawl under our slide of our Transcend 28MKS while it was extended. Noticed two areas that may need repair. Your ideas and recommendations are welcomed.

Over the wheels, there is a cloth or plastic material. It looked like it was worn through with about a 2-4 inch hole. My guess is that some kind of road debris may have been thrown from the wheels to this surface. Is there a patch that could be applied?

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Under the edge of the camper where the slide comes out, there is a rubber flap. It extends horizontally from the camper about an inch or two. In the middle, just above where the slide mechanism is, the rubber flap appears to be torn away from the camper for about 3 inches and is sagging down. It looks like the flap may be held in place by a metal strip that is screwed in above it.

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Thanks in advance for your help.