Hi all, newbie Grand Design owner! Just purchased a used 2019 GD Reflection 230RL 5th Wheel. The following is what I came across on our first trip out dry camping. I noticed the thermostat
(aircell) wasn't displaying and was unresponsive. My wife then informed me that the 2 lights over the dual recliner chairs weren't working as well. Determined there were no blown fuses (even on back of thermostat). Had to put up with a couple of cool mornings until I was back home and could investigate further.
If I metered across red and white wires at thermostat, I got nothing, but was getting 12v if I metered back to ground. Put a jumper from white to ground and thermostat lit up and lights over recliners came on. Ran furnace and ran AC...all worked the way they should. I ended up running a new ground wire , but it is still bugging me. Can anyone tell me where the other end of HVAC control wires terminates. Thank you and I appreciate the assistance.