We did it, our XLS 22RBE is on order.

With another trailer we owned, we used the Proven Industries Coupler Lock. Yes, it cost a couple hundred dollars, but worth every cent. The trailer was almost stolen, with other brand locks, 2 of them, broken off.

My question is this: if you, an Imagine owner, use a "Proven Lock" on your trailer, what model do you use?

The 2516, appears to be the correct one, but I want to be certain. Here is a link to Proven's 2516 Lock, which shows couplers it fits.

Model 2516 Proven Industries

If you own a 22RBE, please take a look and see what you think. Am I correct that the 2516 is the correct model?

Additionally, if all else fails... since my rig is on order, if anyone owns a 2021 22RBE, it would be very helpful if you could post photos of the coupler, to assist me in my Lock purchase. Or if you don't want to post it, reach out to me, and I'll give you my email to use.