First outing with our new-to-us rig and we popped all kinds of fuses trying to get the front landing gear lowered enough to balance the rig. We got it close enough and enjoyed our trip. Going home I used the manual crank and really had to lay into it. After I'd taken six or so turns it magically got pretty easy so I was able to throw in fuse #8 and get home.

I ended up taking the lead leg completely off the trailer (does it bother anyone else how easy that is to do??!!??).
I took it all apart and found a mess of thin, curved, wire-like shavings bogging up the screw that allows the lower (silver) leg to travel up and down through a trapped nut.
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The main screw does not appear damaged or worn and it's possible that it's "flashing" from a poorly made China part. Likewise that large nut does not appear to be damaged. It's going to bear close watch and I may be in for a replacement leg, even after all my troubles. Just in case anyone else is interested in taking their leg apart, here's what you'll find inside. I'm supplying these because I couldn't find any diagrams or detailed reports from others who are confident (but not competent) in their mechanical abilities. I'm posting these in order of reassembly.
The black stationary leg slides over the top of the screw post on the sliding (silver) leg. .
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In the pic above you can see a round indentation at the bottom of the "gear well" - that's for a thrust bearing. Make sure it sits inside that indentation.
This next pics shows the thrust bearing and the parts that go on after that.
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Drop the spacer washer on first (cone side up) then slide the main pin through the conveniently placed hole. The lower gear drops over the top of the pin.
Here's a pic of the remaining parts (with the exception of bushings that are inserted into each side of the black leg ... I didn't bother removing them.)
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Insert the round end of the axle through the front bushing (the back side of the leg has a "bump-out' to accommodate the upper gear) then through the spacing tube followed by the gear. Push the thin washer and spring clip over the end of the shaft before you push it through the rear bushing. You may have to lightly tap the end of the axle to get it to slide it into place. Then line up the hole in the axle with that in the gear, tap in the retaining pin, use a small screwdriver to pry up one end of the spring wire and get it seated. It fits into a narrow groove at the back of the upper gear and acts like as a retainer, though it may be a bit of overengineering.
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This last pic shows how everything should look as the last bit of retaining spring slips into place.

Everything seems to be working again ... on to the next issue!