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Thread: 2670MK On order

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    2670MK On order

    2670MK on order, an upgrade from a Vibe 21FBS by Forest river.

    Anything I specifically need to check, problem areas etc?

    The Vibe had a power cord built in. This seems to have a plug on the side. Do I need to get as power cord or does it come with one.

    I will be working remotely on this. Got a cell booster. Is this WiFi booster ready? Iíve seen thatís a thing recently so is pre-wired, just need the booster installed.

    Anyone got experience with the solar system? Is it worth it?

    So excited to upgrade but so worried about making the same mistakes and not checking/knowing something in advance

    Thank you everyone, new to the forum and looking forward to meeting/chatting with you all

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    Power cord is removable and included.

    Solar is nice if you camp without hookups for days at a time (either on dry pavement in a parking lot or off the grid somewhere).

    We have about $500 invested in a panel and charger plus $2000 in generators but also camp without hookups about 50% of the time. It has paid off for the 15+ years we've used both power sources. If you rarely are without hookups, I'd start with a good generator and then figure out if solar is worth the added investment.
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