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    Gate Valve lubrication

    We have a 2017 Solitude 384-GK.

    The tank gate valves are hard to pull in and out. I have tried spraying a silicone spray on the rods. It does help but doesn’t solve the problem.

    Since the gate valves are hidden from my view, any ideas on how to lubricate them.

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    Unfortunately the only way to lubricate the valves is to drop the portion of the coroplast to access the valves, drill a hole in the valve to facilitate lubricating and then periodically dropping the coroplast to lube the valves.
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    We put a quart of baby oil down the toilet. It works great for us. I will say we get the looks in the check out line when buying though( I just smile).

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    Another thing to keep in mind is that often the binding or hard to move gate valve may not actually at the tank. More often than not, with the water panel design of many GDRVs (and other manufacturers) where the black tank flush is above the black/grey tank pull handles, after flushing and disconnecting the hose, water streams back out of the black tank connection. And you guessed it or already have observed that it runs down splashing all over the pull handles. Over time rusting sits in and thus the pulling harder and harder until the handle will not move or may even break.

    I place heavy towels over my pull handles to absorb the water and keep the pull handle area of the panel dry. I do lube the cables at the panel with silicone spray lube while moving the handles from open to closed a few times. I have even lubed them behind the panel a couple times as well. Going into out 8th season all three work like they did in 2014.

    There is also a device which clamps onto the cable with an opening to spray lubrication into a small hole which help to lubricate the cable as well. A few folks have shared pictures of this device with positive feedback. Searching the net will find a picture as well.

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    I'm thinking you are asking about the cables operating the valves. This has been asked previously where I posted this link to a cable lube tool:
    I have had one for about 40 years being involved in motorcycles it's a must-have device.
    Another trick is to poke the corner (small hole, the size of the cable) out of a baggy, slip it down and use a rubber band to secure it to the cable jacket. Pour some cable lube into the baggy and raise it so that gravity does it's job. Work the cable occasionally while the lube works it's way helps.
    I would recommend a true cable lube and not penetrating oil.
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