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    Rethinking things

    Weíve been leaving Florida and snow birding west for 5-6 months out of the year. Been doing so for 6 years now. Did it in a A class and now a bumper pull. Iíve noticed gas prices going up and getting camp spots very hard. We never go more than 3 weeks ahead of ourselves because you never know which way the wind blows.
    State parks forget about it, all weekends are buggered up leaving you with maybe the possibility of a few weekday spots. Also the rates they charge now are 50 plus a night at campgrounds, and if your somewhere special itís above that.
    Iím rethinking this selling the truck and TT for a comfortable sporty ride. I could travel quicker, stop at areas easier, get better gas mileage, and hotel for far cheaper than what Iím doing now and less work. I just like having *my* bed and not sleeping in strange rooms.
    Just getting to the breaking point, and seeing the way there selling RVís is even worse for whatís to come. These campgrounds are taking advantage, and they should I get that itís supply and demand but my move will open up a spot for another. Peace

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    I feel your pain. We too have been leaving FL for 3 to 5 months the last 9 or 10 years. And we are finding the same things as you - only planning a few weeks ahead of time is just about impossible. It use to be we had a general idea of where we wanted to go and only had to make minor adjustments. Now if you try that method it is campground availability that drives the destination rather than the destination driving which campground. Actually that sort of roaming got hard to do in Wyoming in 2019, ahead of all this covid, social distancing, crazy RV sales times were in. And that was in remote areas of Wyoming, not the major tourist areas. Argh!!!!

    We're just over 2 months into a 6 month trip and have all nights but 8 reserved through 8/27. And then we're in Montana and still have to get back to FL. For now my mind set is to just "wing" that leg of the trip home to see how well it works out. Besides, for that final run home there are no "must sees", just a trip home.

    So, like you, I considered some alternatives. And every time I find that I still prefer my bed, waking up to my coffee, knowing I have a clean room every night, knowing where my cloths are vs. packing/unpacking, just hanging out in the camper some days or sitting in the sun - you know - the stuff you can't do when staying in hotels, B%Bs, Air B&B, rentals, etc.

    I'm wondering if a smaller camper might make a difference. There are places we've had to pass on because we are "so big" as they haven't had room.

    In the final analysis, for now, we'll continue on like this for a bit longer and wait to see what the next few years brings. Soon enough kids are going to have to be home for school and companies are going to want lots of folks back in the office. But that's just my opinion.
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    I've experienced the similar difficulties over the last year. Trip planning I prefer by determining a large loop of sorts staying out for 3 to 4 weeks at a time with 2 to 4 night stays and only looking a few days to a week ahead is more than difficult but near impossible to do. Last fall I thought about it, then this spring decided to get proactive and bought a house on the southeast Georgia coast. Like both of you I like my own digs while traveling and now have two dogs to care for. I'm now considering a smaller bumper pull for travel back and forth. I figure during the 3 to 5 day travel a little comfort and space could be sacrificed for convenience and maneuverability.
    A fer-instance, I was just looking at two British car events in northern Maryland outside Baltimore three weeks apart. I thought I could attend the first in early June, loop around Virginia and West Virginia then come back for the second. Southern Pa is out because of Gettysburg. A two hour search and I can't find anything the days I want close to the events and rates are over $50/night with one of these having near primitive sites.
    On my recent trip back home I found the national parks restructured their rates. Where they previously charged $34/night inclusive water & electric the rate now is $20 for the campsite and $14 surcharge for electric. So where I was paying $17/night with my senior lifetime pass I'm now paying $24. Virginia State Parks have raised their rates as well. They are nice well maintained campgrounds and better than most private campgrounds but still....
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